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New Arrival 3D VR Glasses




3D VR virtual reality head-mounted goggles
Virtual reality headset to view and gaming 360 degree
Focus distance adjustment
High definition optical lens, suitable for video, movies, games, etc.
Elastic band design, comfortable to wear 3D glasses on your head, adjustable elastic headband, for various types of head
3D image display effect is quite good, and you get an amazing feeling
Flip cover design allows mobile phones to access freely with suction cups
Suitable iphone 6 s / 6 / samsung / htc 3.5-6 inches screen smartphone
Enhanced lens parameters, eliminating the feel of vertigo
Soft sponge and leather pu, providing a long time wearing comfort
The unique design, suitable for people with myopia
Designed for screen size from 3.5 to 6.0 inches (maximum 160x90mm phones)
Designed specifically enhance the reality of Technology
Bring your picture and personal theater
Comfortable to use for viewing anytime anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing
Bluetooth 3.0 wireless control
Built-in 180 mAh battery, the working time of about 40 hours
Remote control distance: 2-10 m
Compatibility: apk games android, ios game icabe
Apple ios user must press a button to use the remote control