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Apple Watch Series 2



Apple has announced its new smartwatch iteration – the Apple Watch Series 2. It looks (and presumably smells) a lot like the first Apple Watch, but with a few spec updates, in-build GPS and "swimproof" capabilities that allow the phone to be submerged up to 50 metres. We'll have a hand-on review shortly, but from the keynote it seems very much like an Apple Watch 1s – more of an improvement than a full-blown shake up.


The most notable updates may be GPS and speaker-pumping waterproof tech, but there are also updates to the screen – twice as bright as the Apple Watch 1 at 1,000 nits, a new dual-core processor that's 50% faster than Apple Watch 1, and an S2 GPU, which Apple says is "up to 2x faster" than the first Apple Watch. There a new (£1,249) Ceramic finish for the Series 2, but slightly more dramatic looking from the outside is the Apple Watch Nike Plus, with its neon strap and watch face. That watch face also has a button to directly launch the running app.


“We know runners — and we know many are looking for a device that gives them an easy, fun way to start running,” said Trevor Edwards, president of the Nike Brand. “The market is full of complex, hard-to-read devices that focus on your data. This focuses on your life. It’s a powerful device with a simple solution — your perfect running partner.”

As expected, Apple has pushed the fitness tracking angle, with GPS giving the smartwatch an added degree of independence from the iPhone. Walks can be recorded using the on-board GPS, and locally stored satellite data means you won't always need to get your phone out to check the route. The Viewranger app and "swimproof" tech also go some way to widen the amount of sports you can use the Apple Watch with.